Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kels-O's wedding!

It was so fun to see all the girls there again (we missed lindsey :( ) Kelsey looked beautiful and the reception was on the perfect day for amazing weather! 3 down and 3 to go! haha

Bride and Groom. Wish I had a better picture of them though!

Missy and her adorable little family!

Texas travels

Treg and I decided to go to Texas and surprise Diane for Treg's spring break! We had so much fun seeing Diane, Travis, Teresa, Kyle, and baby Boston. It had been SO long and I had missed them too much. We did way too much shopping, went to a Rangers baseball game, the stockyards, and just enjoyed each others company. Oh! and I musn't forget that teresa and I dominated in hand&foot, our favorite card game.

Boston has the funniest, deepest laugh i've ever heard for such a little guy. I couldn't get enough of it! or of him period. He's such a little man now, it's crazy how much he has grown. We had such a good time there and can't wait to see them in less than two months again! Thank you guys for making it such a good time for us! We love you!