Monday, December 29, 2008

My lovely little Florence

So the whole time in Spain I thought Blogspot was pretty lame for taking so long to upload the pictures. I would literally wait an hour! but now that i'm home, wow, it's a miracle! I can actually post pictures and post the blog in a matter of minutes. I love America.

Some of my favorite things in Florence, Italy!
1. Seeing how they "bury" their dead. Cement them into a wall? Didn't really know what to think about this.

2. Okay so kind of creepy/stalkerish but we saw 5 brides in Italy and all of them were Asian. Go figure!3. This place is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Pictures don't do it justice (like they never do, especially without photoshop)
4. The most amazing view of the city. There are at least 10 church steeples with bells at the top that we could see from here. And we were there when it turned 12 o'clock.
5. Of course our lovely statue of David. I tried to be appropriate and at least give the more silhouetted picture
6. The Orno river that runs through the town. Unfortunately it's brown and not blue but there's nothing that photoshop can't fix right?
7. Their tiny little cars!!! They are as long as normal cars are wide. Everything is midget size here. Their busses, cars, houses! I loved it!!
8. The Ponte Vecchio bridge was so cute and fun! It was my favorite bridge I saw and I found the perfect earings to buy for Rebbie in one of the jewelery shops on the bridge until I found out they were 300 Euros! Sorry girl!
9. A real candy apple!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh Milan....

So Brittney and I started off our last adventure before coming home with the wonderful city of Milan, Italy. Sadly to say it was my least favorite city of all that I went to. That owes partly to the fact that I was never dry or warm the entire time I was there. But of course how can one complain when in Italy right? So going through 3 pairs of boots in one day trying to stay dry wasn't the happiest time but Britt and I still ventured out and had a lot of fun.

The Duomo is beautiful at all hours of the day but especially at night during Christmas!

The most memorable and exciting thing for me in Milan was seeing The Last Supper painted by Leonardo da Vinci. This is the building it is in and they keep it under very strict regulations. All sorts of timed doors you have to walk through and only 25 people are allowed in at once. Call me stupid but I never realized that the masterpiece was created on the wall. It was huge and simply beautiful!

Britt and I in front of the castle! (That is umbrella number 4, stupid wind!)

The Duomo by day!My First train ride experience! Part of dream of becoming Harry Potter felt like it was coming true.

There is a bull in the middle of this huge/expensive shopping corridor. They say it's good luck if you spin on your heel on his testacles. So we found the bull and tried our best to spin. The poor bull was all worn down!
I have a video of us spinning but it was taking way too long to upload so i'll try it again another day.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Paris again!

I am a spoiled little girl and was able to go to France again! This time with my parents and Treg. And again we had SO much fun and I didn't want to leave. It was quite freezing with lots of rain and wind but Paris is still beautiful no matter the weather! We definitely know how to make memories. Getting to our hotel from the airport with 5 over 50lbs bags by metro and train. Me and mom not making it on the train before the doors closed and just hoping that they knew where to get off. Tregan getting shut in the doors of the metro. Flying out of my seat from the conductor slamming on the brakes of the metro. Having a blackout on a metro. Breaking um...3 umbrella's I think it was. All in all, we'll definitely remember this trip!

That tree is real! It was huge and so beautiful in front of Notre Dame.
A view of Paris by night from the Eiffel Tower.
Just posing in front of the Ferris Wheel that's at the end of Champs-Elysees

So cute!!! Love them so much! I am so grateful for such amazing parents. We really had such a fun time and I owe it all to them!
Should she be a model? I sure think so. You could mistake her for a French girl in her cute little beret
Don't judge! We love the movie and of course had to see it in real life. It's much prettier in the movie of course but hey, it was still fun to see. And Treg was actually recruited for the show but she decided she better finish high school instead and then maybe think about it after. (pretend to not see the ugly trucks in the way of the beautiful picture)

Wish we could have seen the Hunchback but Notre Dame is still pretty sweet without him. My dad fell in love with his hat and said it kept him so warm. So then I decided to take it back to Madrid with me and i'm going to take it to Italy with me so don't be surprised if you see it in more pictures! hahaWe went to the Eiffel tower at least once everyday we were there! Treg and I love it so much! Well of course we all did! I don't think I could ever see it too much and not be in love with it!
So of course I probably have 100 pictures or so of this beautiful monument!
My lovely parents in front of the Arc de Triomphe!

I love my Fambam!!

I looked forward to my parents and lil' sis coming to visit me pretty much ever since I got here and the wait was definitely worth it because we had SO much fun! I seriously loved every minute of it. I felt pretty cool being able to show tourists around (because i'm definitely not one..haha) and to actually know what I was talking about for once! Here are tons of pictures to make you jealous of how much fun we had!

My parents trying to survive the jetlag. I couldn't help but take a picture of them sleeping on the bus.

Thanksgiving night we went to a Flamenco show! It was a lot of fun to see typical Spanish dances. And we had little slices of tortilla espanola, bread, and cheese for our "Thanksgiving Feast."
Can you read it? It's not very easy but it's love with Britt being the heart at the end! hahaHere is Palacio Real (Royal Palace.)

Our cute little fam bam in Toledo!
Treg stuck out like a sore thumb here being tall with blond hair and blue eyes which is very rare. But they love it and everybody stared at her without shame!
My spanish parents and my American parents! I love them both tons! We had so much fun with the Molina's. They don't speak much English and my parents don't speak much Spanish but they communicated tons somehow...go figure! We would sit at dinner and just laugh for hours!
This was SO beautiful! This picture doesn't do it justice!
Just before our night out in the city! We wanted to show Treg what Madrid was really about! ;)
There are a million more pictures but it is uploading SO slow so if I have patience then you'll get to see more!