Monday, December 29, 2008

My lovely little Florence

So the whole time in Spain I thought Blogspot was pretty lame for taking so long to upload the pictures. I would literally wait an hour! but now that i'm home, wow, it's a miracle! I can actually post pictures and post the blog in a matter of minutes. I love America.

Some of my favorite things in Florence, Italy!
1. Seeing how they "bury" their dead. Cement them into a wall? Didn't really know what to think about this.

2. Okay so kind of creepy/stalkerish but we saw 5 brides in Italy and all of them were Asian. Go figure!3. This place is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Pictures don't do it justice (like they never do, especially without photoshop)
4. The most amazing view of the city. There are at least 10 church steeples with bells at the top that we could see from here. And we were there when it turned 12 o'clock.
5. Of course our lovely statue of David. I tried to be appropriate and at least give the more silhouetted picture
6. The Orno river that runs through the town. Unfortunately it's brown and not blue but there's nothing that photoshop can't fix right?
7. Their tiny little cars!!! They are as long as normal cars are wide. Everything is midget size here. Their busses, cars, houses! I loved it!!
8. The Ponte Vecchio bridge was so cute and fun! It was my favorite bridge I saw and I found the perfect earings to buy for Rebbie in one of the jewelery shops on the bridge until I found out they were 300 Euros! Sorry girl!
9. A real candy apple!!!!

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Karissa and Mik said...

looks like fun! youre probably dying of boredom now that youre home!