Sunday, December 7, 2008

I love my Fambam!!

I looked forward to my parents and lil' sis coming to visit me pretty much ever since I got here and the wait was definitely worth it because we had SO much fun! I seriously loved every minute of it. I felt pretty cool being able to show tourists around (because i'm definitely not one..haha) and to actually know what I was talking about for once! Here are tons of pictures to make you jealous of how much fun we had!

My parents trying to survive the jetlag. I couldn't help but take a picture of them sleeping on the bus.

Thanksgiving night we went to a Flamenco show! It was a lot of fun to see typical Spanish dances. And we had little slices of tortilla espanola, bread, and cheese for our "Thanksgiving Feast."
Can you read it? It's not very easy but it's love with Britt being the heart at the end! hahaHere is Palacio Real (Royal Palace.)

Our cute little fam bam in Toledo!
Treg stuck out like a sore thumb here being tall with blond hair and blue eyes which is very rare. But they love it and everybody stared at her without shame!
My spanish parents and my American parents! I love them both tons! We had so much fun with the Molina's. They don't speak much English and my parents don't speak much Spanish but they communicated tons somehow...go figure! We would sit at dinner and just laugh for hours!
This was SO beautiful! This picture doesn't do it justice!
Just before our night out in the city! We wanted to show Treg what Madrid was really about! ;)
There are a million more pictures but it is uploading SO slow so if I have patience then you'll get to see more!

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Karissa and Mik said...

ive been waiting for you to post pictures! im sure it was fun to share all the sights with your family so they know what youre talking about when you come home! keep the pics coming!