Sunday, December 7, 2008

Paris again!

I am a spoiled little girl and was able to go to France again! This time with my parents and Treg. And again we had SO much fun and I didn't want to leave. It was quite freezing with lots of rain and wind but Paris is still beautiful no matter the weather! We definitely know how to make memories. Getting to our hotel from the airport with 5 over 50lbs bags by metro and train. Me and mom not making it on the train before the doors closed and just hoping that they knew where to get off. Tregan getting shut in the doors of the metro. Flying out of my seat from the conductor slamming on the brakes of the metro. Having a blackout on a metro. Breaking um...3 umbrella's I think it was. All in all, we'll definitely remember this trip!

That tree is real! It was huge and so beautiful in front of Notre Dame.
A view of Paris by night from the Eiffel Tower.
Just posing in front of the Ferris Wheel that's at the end of Champs-Elysees

So cute!!! Love them so much! I am so grateful for such amazing parents. We really had such a fun time and I owe it all to them!
Should she be a model? I sure think so. You could mistake her for a French girl in her cute little beret
Don't judge! We love the movie and of course had to see it in real life. It's much prettier in the movie of course but hey, it was still fun to see. And Treg was actually recruited for the show but she decided she better finish high school instead and then maybe think about it after. (pretend to not see the ugly trucks in the way of the beautiful picture)

Wish we could have seen the Hunchback but Notre Dame is still pretty sweet without him. My dad fell in love with his hat and said it kept him so warm. So then I decided to take it back to Madrid with me and i'm going to take it to Italy with me so don't be surprised if you see it in more pictures! hahaWe went to the Eiffel tower at least once everyday we were there! Treg and I love it so much! Well of course we all did! I don't think I could ever see it too much and not be in love with it!
So of course I probably have 100 pictures or so of this beautiful monument!
My lovely parents in front of the Arc de Triomphe!


Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

It looks like you guys as an incredible time. I love your dad's hat. I am so glad you got to go see all these amazing places I am very jelous.

denice said...

that looks like sooo much fun. almost as much fun as we had in the states eating turkey, lol.

California Roney's said...

I am so jealous, it looks like you had a wonderful time! I have never been there before but I love seeing all the picture. I love the picture from the Moulin Rouge the most. With those umbrellas it just looks so adorable!