Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh Milan....

So Brittney and I started off our last adventure before coming home with the wonderful city of Milan, Italy. Sadly to say it was my least favorite city of all that I went to. That owes partly to the fact that I was never dry or warm the entire time I was there. But of course how can one complain when in Italy right? So going through 3 pairs of boots in one day trying to stay dry wasn't the happiest time but Britt and I still ventured out and had a lot of fun.

The Duomo is beautiful at all hours of the day but especially at night during Christmas!

The most memorable and exciting thing for me in Milan was seeing The Last Supper painted by Leonardo da Vinci. This is the building it is in and they keep it under very strict regulations. All sorts of timed doors you have to walk through and only 25 people are allowed in at once. Call me stupid but I never realized that the masterpiece was created on the wall. It was huge and simply beautiful!

Britt and I in front of the castle! (That is umbrella number 4, stupid wind!)

The Duomo by day!My First train ride experience! Part of dream of becoming Harry Potter felt like it was coming true.

There is a bull in the middle of this huge/expensive shopping corridor. They say it's good luck if you spin on your heel on his testacles. So we found the bull and tried our best to spin. The poor bull was all worn down!
I have a video of us spinning but it was taking way too long to upload so i'll try it again another day.

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