Friday, January 2, 2009

When in Rome.....Do as the Romans!

Rome is amazing and everybody should go there! I know easier said than done right? This place has a world within it. The ruins are amazing and they're all over the whole city pretty much. So here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

...Of course the gelato was amazing and we had to get it at least once a day. Hazelnut and dark chocolate is the BEST mix ever!

...We went to see the Catacombs and this is what we found. Decoration made completely out of human bones!!!!! They used 500 years worth of monks bones. It definitely had a creepy feel to it. How creative though huh? ....haha
And this was the sign in the last of the 5 rooms of bone decorating. bah!!!! (3rd line down in the small print.)So this was on my beloved 21st birthday! We met some people in our hostel that were tons of fun. I would have thought they were mormon if I didn't already know that they were baptist. They even know how to play Scum and Nertz! We had free pasta dinner at the hostel together and the hostel receptionist, carl from Poland, that I made friends with even bought a bottle of Strawberry wine to celebrate. He knew I wouldn't drink it so he said I could just smell it insead. How kind! haha
Afterward we went to the Trevi Fountain to hang out and enjoy gelato. They were super kind and sang Happy Birthday to me and everybody else at the fountain decided to join in. I won't lie, it made me feel pretty special and even a little awkward. It was definitely a birthday i'll remember!...The beautiful Colosseum by day. Most amazing thing in Rome!
...I thought this was the most typical picture to take in Europe. A tiny little truck packed beyond capacity with fresh fruit and vegetables, that barely handled driving off. loved it!
...Another favorite thing about Rome is their amazingly clean and FREE water! I know it seems sketchy but a hostel friend told us about it and couldn't pass it up. It must have been alright because look! I'm thankfully still alive and well today! :)
....In the Vatican there is the basilica....
....and the famous Sistine chapel. Forgive me for the crooked picture. Pictures weren't allowed but I couldn't resist so I snuck one in.
...The Trevi Fountain by night again
...The Colosseum by night! First thing we saw when we got into Rome. Doesn't seem real, especially now that I'm home, it was probably all just a dream.


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Karissa and Mik said...

fun birthday! have fun with the national nertz association...!

Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

Well I think by the first comment there is a whole other worl of nertz out their that we don'e know about. I am glad you had a fun Birthday.