Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A little adventure

Todays post isn´t that exciting but I loved today and took tons of pictures and wanted to post about it. Sorry if it´s not very interesting but enjoy what you may! :)

So Britt and I decided to go to Palacio Real (royal palace) to start off our day. It was amazingly decorated. Spanish design is incredible! It has a gaudy feel to it with tons of detail. They wouldn´t let us take pictures inside (lamo´s) so I don´t have any but every single room inside was picture worthy. All the ceilings were painted by various famous artists with tapestries or velvet or fabric covering the walls and matching tapestries everywhere. It was so intense and so fun to see.
We found a little restaurant to eat lunch and the sweet servers gave Britt and I a shot on the house. Oh I´ve never been in such a situation that I didn´t know what to do. Not in deciding whether or not to drink it, of course not, but we didn´t want to offend them and they were watching us! haha so we waited for him to walk away, hurry and emptied one of our water bottles, and poured the shots of junk into the bottle. haha we were laughing, and then he asked if we wanted another.¨Thank goodness I know how to say, ¨No más por favor!!After lunch we decided to discover Parque de Retiro a little more. Well we thought there was only a little more to see, having been there a couple times previously, but little did we know that we had only seen about 20% of it. It was so fun to walk through the park and get a little feel of fall. We found a few amazing buildings like this glass palace. There was a black swan in the water. Perfectly appropriate for Spain, it just fits right.
We found cute little bridges all over. This one was worthy of another famous Britt and Brie photo shoot. We also found a gorgeous rose garden. I think it would be the perfect place for a wedding reception (just stating a fact is all.) We found the famous statue of the fallen angel. Britt and I thought it was only appropriate for us to have a picture with it. Lame picture I know but this part of the park was called the exercise park. These people are sitting on the benches and there are bike pedals in front of them. Why not get a bit of exercise while chatting eh? haha it was the coolest thing i´ve seen!Does this look like Spain to you? Definitely doesn´t to me. I got a little itch for Costa Rica when I took this picture. It was beautiful!
The saddest thing happened on Saturday. The Molina´s house was broken into and they were robbed. Their alarm went off and the police were there 3 minutes later but the robbers were quick and they got away. They thrashed the parents room and stole all of Maria´s jewelry. I have never seen her sad before and I hope I never have to see it again. I felt horrible, they´re the sweetest people with the biggest hearts. They probably would have given it to the lame robber if he would have just asked because they´re that sweet!

I couldn´t resist to send a couple more pictures of these pants. What do you all think, should I bring this style home to the states?
I would have to confess that my favorite thing about Spain is their green grapes. I am literally addicted! The Molina´s are always sure to have them for me at their house every weekend. I could eat them all day and I would be in heaven. They taste so much different here and they´re SO much better than at home! I will definitely have withdrawals when I get home. Ever seen a bigger, more beautiful bundle of grapes? I certainly haven´t.
At 4:30 a.m.(that´s why I look so cute) on our way home we stopped at the ¨candy shop¨ aka pastry shop and knocked on the door to the back kitchen where the cooks were cooking away for the next days fresh pastrys and we bought a yummy little chocolate delight that came straight out of the oven. I like their style here.


Sierra & Ryan said...

WOW--your "didn't do anything exciting" life is incredible. REALLY, I'm jealous :) haha! I have so much to say about all the cute stuff you did, but I'll keep is short. 1) I am proud you and Britt didn't get your drink on :) 2)Yes you should wear those pants everyday. 3) I freakin wish I could knoock on a pastry door before they are opened and get fresh stuff--that is like in the movies! 4) Love your new picture at the top of your blog, you look like a pro traveler, like traveling through foreign countries is no thang. Haha....I could say more, but I will stop here! Love ya, miss ya!

Karissa and Mik said...

LOVE all the pictures! i think if you brought those pants home you would definitely start a trend or noone would ever talk to you again. you pick. i love that ruffled tiered skirt youre wearing! please tell me you bought it in the u.s.!?! youre coming home soon right? enjoy it while you can!

The Gleave's said...

Oh I LOVE looking at all your pictures! It looks like you are having the time of your life! im so glad you are there, but I miss you terribly! I can't wait till you get back and we can plan our reunion! I love you Brie!!

Brienne said...

Sierra I love you! You always make me so happy.

Karissa, unfortunately I got that skirt in London....so sorry! And I come home December 22nd. it's coming up so fast!!

Sara, I miss you terribly as well. looking forward to our reunion that is much needed!

denice said...

no - not the pants!

California Roney's said...

Looks like you are having such a wonderful time. I dont think I will ever make it to spain. Or if I do it wont be anytime soon. But I feel more there through your pictures. Glad that you are having fun there. I heard your family was coming to visit for thanksgiving.

Patience (Reagan's wife)