Monday, September 29, 2008

So much to say!

So...I blog alot! Sorry there is so much to read. I also pretty much just use this as my journal so it´s more for me than for you. So you don´t have to read it all.
I can´t believe I almost forgot to tell you about my electricity was quite tramatic for me. So as you all probably know, the electricity is different here. All the outlets are different so I had to buy adapters so I would be able to plug things into the wall. I knew that some things would also need a converter to change the voltage or however it works. So the other morning I went to use my blow dryer for the first time. I plugged it into my adapter and then went to plug the adapter into the wall. As soon as the adapter barely touched the outlet I heard a bang! I looked down at my blowdryer´s plug and it was all black and it pretty much looks completely fried! haha oops! but it gets better. So then my computer turns off which is weird because I had it plugged into the wall. and then i realized that none of the outlets in my room worked! So I go into the kitchen and none of those work either!!! And that meant that the fridge was off!!!! I started to kind of freak out because I didn´t know how to get a hold of my Spanish mom Carmen and I had no idea if I did any permanent damage. Well, to my relief, I come to find out that a breaker has just switched and we just had to flip it back. But for a while there I was so scared and afraid that Carmen wouldn´t ever want to see me again. haha I´m so glad I´m just retarded and everything is okay.

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