Saturday, September 27, 2008

This is sweet!

I love this place! So my second day in Spain I didn´t do much beacuse I couldn´t leave the apartment until I had keys so I didn´t get locked out. Everything here has gates with keys or codes! But I did go for a walk and I found a sweet golf course and thought of my dad, and I found a billion bus stations. That night I was on the phone and Carmen, my spanish mom, said that she was making dinner. So they start bringing everything to the table and so I got off the phone. Everybody had a plate of food so I figured I should go to the kitchen to get my food. I go in there and there isn´t anything left...weird! ha So I go back in the room and sit on the couch. Carmen asked me if I was going to eat dinner (at 11pm mind you) and I told her there wasn´t anything left. She said, ¨oh! you make your own food but you eat with us!.¨ what!?! haha it was so funny. So I make all my own food here wich means quesadillas, fruit, and soup pretty much. haha

My third day in Spain is where my adventure really begins. Britt and I decide to meet in Madrid so we could go travel around. We were wanting to meet in Opera (old Madrid). So supposedly there is a bus that goes from my place to Sol which is very near Opera. So I told Carmen that I knew where the bus stop was because I found it on my walk the other day. So I get on bus 133 all pumped to go out and start discovering. Well, first of all, I only had a 5 Euro and the bus driver didn´t have any change to give me( bus ride = 1 Euro) so he just let me ride for free. Sweet! Then I find out that I have no way of knowing which stop I am to get off on. There aren´t any signs or anything!! ha So we drive a ways and I don´t want to go too far so I decide to get off on some stop that I was hoping was Sol. NOPE! haha I have no clue where I am and I´m too scared to ask for directions because we won´t be able to understand eachother. So I just start walking. I found a couple hospitals, walked over a freeway, and up a huge hill, while talking to Brittney (who is also lost) and laughing my head off. Then somehow, I don´t even know how-a huge blessing, I see a Metro sign!!! halelujah! So I buy a pass and get on, only to find that I´m on the wrong metro but I quickly figured it out and just had to ride like 3 different metros to get there. But I made it and was SO happy to see Britt walk out of the metro about 5 minutes after me. So here are some pictures. We went to Palacio Real (the Royal Palace), Cathedral Almudena, and Plaza Mayor. It´s beautiful here and now I really feel like I´m in Spain.


Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

I love the little flower shop so freaking cute. I am glad you found your way I think I would die if I got lost somewhere I didn't know. said...

How fun. That sounds like me. I would be to proud to ask for directions so I would just be lost and walk for miles till I found my way. It is so beautiful!!!! Glad you have Britt. Keep the pictures coming. Love Ya

Sierra & Ryan said...

Exciting! What an adventure, getting lost a foreign city! I looked at all your pics on facebook and the place looks amazing! Just imagine, by the end of this you will be pro. Takin the metro like it aint no thang, you'll know where all the good places to eat are, you'll pretty much be a local. Wow. I'm jealous and you rock. Tell Britty hi and that she needs a blog too :) haha