Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spaniards know how to party!

Wow! I don´t know how Spaniards get anything done! haha They love to party and they never hesitate to. So my first weekend here Britt and I went out with a bunch of Roge´s friends and on a date! haha what?!?! This week in Villaviciosa (where the Molina´s live) is their Fiesta. Each city or town has their own Fiesta just as a part of their culture. And pretty much that means drinking for all hours of the night unti the next morning and then sleeping all day. haha seriously! Friday night we went to their little carnival and a boy won Britt and I stuffed animals throwing three darts/balls in a row. sweet huh? ha and then we just went and ¨hung out.¨ There were cars everywhere and they open their trunks and blast spanish music or our American rap on their sweet stereo systems. It´s so funny. So Britt and I had fun talking very slowly and listening very intently so we could communicate with everybody that talked to us. We went home super late and crashed. The next day around 1 I went to go buy a flat iron and people were still there partying!!!
Saturday night Britt and I went on a little date without even knowing it. Rogelio just told us to be ready at 6 because we were going out again. So around 6 we come down and Roge and his friend Diego were there ready to go. So we get in the car and we go to this Centre Commercial ( i think that´s what it´s called.) It was SO sweet! it´s this huge center that has all sorts of activites to do and places to eat and then a huge mall attached to it. Oh and the coolest part is that they have an indoor ski hill! There´s a full on hill with snow, boxes, rails, a lift and everything and it´s all indoors!! i was amazed! Anyway, we just followed the boys around and they led us to the minigolfing place. This is when we found out that we were on a ¨date¨ because they paid for pretty much everything the rest of the night. After minigolf like around 10 we went to eat at an italian restaurant that was very yummy. Diego has a huge crush and Brittney and she´s just having fun with it. So it´s been a blast and i´m learning that staying up late here is what you do. I guess that´s why they have´s a necessity! haha love and miss you all!

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