Monday, September 29, 2008

Toros y Iglesias

I would like to apologize in advance and I have repented already....Sunday morning here in Villa as a part of their fiesta they have a bull run. I know it was Sunday but Rogelio said it was the last one this year and it´s very unique to Spain so we had to see it, so we went. Pretty much what they do is bring bulls into an arena, where we watch from the stadium seating, and anybody who would like goes into the arena and runs from the bulls. And then they run down the street with the bulls chasing them. I´m telling you Spaniards are crazy! haha but I love them. It was pretty funny to watch. We didn´t get to see much because we got rained on and the bulls calmed down but it was definitely something I have never seen before. I´ll post a video soon.
Church was awesome! We walked in the doors and there were two missionaries from Utah there! woohoo!!! Go Utah and go English! It was so fun to talk normally to somebody! I loved it. So of course we stick out like a sore thumb in this cute little ward but they were very nice and introduced Britt and I in sacrament. It was SO loud in there for a little while. ha adults and kids were talking. One man walks up to the pulpit where the counselor was giving announcements and lowers the microphone, then sits down. haha The cute old man playing the piano played the same chord with his left hand the entire song!!! For pretty much all three songs. But I loved singing in Spanish! It was so fun! and the congregation was so loud, much louder than my home ward that is 4 times the size. I couldn´t understand a word the speakers were saying but as soon as one women started bearing her testimony the feeling in the room changed and I instantly felt the spirit. It was awesome. The people here are very passionate about things they love and even more so those in the gospel. I loved it! I´m so excited to be here for three months. and hopefully by the end I will be able to understand more of the message shared.

I don´t have pictures because my computer still isn´t working so you may not see any until the weekend. but i´ll keep you updated! love you all!

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