Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Endless shopping + no money = bad news! This beautiful city has way too much shopping for me to resist it. You can pretty much walk down any street in Madrid and find 5 shoe stores and 15 other places that have cute clothes. Really though! And the shoes here are out of control! I walked down one street and I think I counted about 8 shoe stores. On just ONE street! haha it's crazy. They love boots here too. i will probably come home with 5 new pair because they're all so cute and you can find them for very good prices. So I guess that is a good thing but also very very bad. Their style here is pretty similar to what it is at home. Everybody wears skinny's and boots and scarves. One thing that is very different that we don't have in Utah and I hope we never do have are these pants. They start out baggy on top with a very low crotch and then they get skinny and gather at the ankle. I know it's hard to picture but just imagine somebody walking around looking like they number two-ed (yes number two-ed and not pooped, that's for Britt) in their pants and you'll get the best image of what I'm trying to describe. I tried on a pair and about had a heart attack from laughing. Britt took some pictures of me but she has them on her camera so i'll post them soon. But get excited! and look them up on the internet or something.
So yesterday Britt and I were ready for a different activity other than touring and picture taking so we decided to do a little shopping. Of course I was just goig along with Britt and was going to be a good girl and not buy anything....unless of course I found something that I loved and had to have! Sometimes there are just those things...you must understand. We went to all the popular stores here like blanco, Pimkie, Vara, H&M (yes! They have one on every block here), and a bunch of others. A couple hours went by and we were winding down, getting tired of walking around shopping for the day. So we began to walk to a little store to buy a pastry and we saw this cute little store with a super cute window display. So I nudged Britt and we walked inside. It was SO cute!! Of course...30 minutes later I walked out with a bag in hand. I found a super cute top that can be a dress or a shirt with a belt, and a black leather jacket that I fell in love with. Definitely things that I HAD to have. haha There went my "just looking" shopping. Oops! But I'll come home and people will ask where I got it and I'll smile SO big and be able to say, "Spain!" It was definitely worth it!


dihanson5162@gmail.com said...

That place would not be good for me. I wouldn't be able to come home or would have to come home early because I was broke. Seriously though when can I send you money to buy me some great clothes. How fun!!! I am jelous!!! Glad your having fun. :)

Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

I have changed my mind about wishing I were there becasue I have no money and I hate it when there is amazing shopping and I don't have the money to buy it. have fun and I might need to have you get me some boots. Miss ya!

Sierra & Ryan said...

You need to take a picture of these so called "poop pants" (sorry britt)! Immediately! Also, one quick question that is realy random. Before you left when we were planning Missy's baby shower, did I leave a pink scarf at your house? I know your across the ocean from your house so this is a horrible time to ask, but I have forgotten and hopefully you have a better memory than me. Thanks :)

Brienne said...

Sierra, I have no idea! haha but i think that you should call Tregan and ask her because she might just think it is mine or something and has probably worn it. haha but don't hesitate to call treg or my house or whoever to find out if your scarf is there. Sorry i don't know more!!

Diane and teresa, I will buy as much as I can possibly fit in the bags that I have to take home. It's a good thing my parents are coming here so they can take a bunch home for me. haha I would love to buy whatever you'd like me to get for you! :) let me know if you're serious about it!