Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poopy pants pictures!!

Casilda and I played restaurant and made these delicious menu items out of play dough! I loved it! This is what I call "work."
This is a typical Spanish rice dish. I had to take a picture because this one was Crazy!! haha There is a full on shrimp in their with eyes and tentacles and everything. There is a seashell, no idea why or what "seafood" it's supposed to be. There's calamari and I have no idea what that long thing is. Mmmm.....enjoy!
This is just one of the many weird hairstyles here. I know it's pretty stalkerish of me but it was for your benefit. :)

These pictures are really bad of the "poopy pants" because I was by myself and trying to take them. (excuse the ugly faces) haha sorry but I hope that you can kind of see. These are even a low waste pair so you can tell the crotch is SO low! And Diane I really hope this isn't what you wore...please say no!


Sierra & Ryan said...

hahahahaha! Those are even better than I had imagined. I wish I had a pair for Halloween....Thanks for the pictures--I have been waiting for these!

Sounds like Spain is still amazing (no surprise there:)!) I am so excited for you to go to England! That will be so much!

Continue posting---I love your stories!

Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

What the crap are those other than nast pants that look like they have alot of crap in them. Good job on bowling I am not surprised that you killed everyone. Travis will be very proud of you we go through jalepenos like crazy!!!

cortnieb said...

haha! nice poopy pants Bri!! We missed you terribly yesterday at Disneyland with your family!! Buuut that being said it was BEYOND busy with utah dorks and I would've paid big money to be in spain sooo there you go!! Nice work on your play dough skills seriously Im impressed!!

Kyle∧Trista Erickson and Family said...

Yeah the pants, horrible!! But I'm glad things are going so well, did you eat the shrimp? Miss ya tons..

hillary and britton said...

He Brienne!
We're excited to have you come visit:) Those pants are heinous.