Sunday, October 12, 2008

Only in Spain

Britt and I have found that there are a lot of things that you would only hear/see/happen in Spain. So we decided that we better start making a list so we can remember them all. We might be the only two that think it´s funny but hey! It´s my blog and I´ll enjoy it. Hope you enjoy it a wee bit too.
1. People making out wherever and whenever they want!
2. People walking around looking like they have a load of poop in their pants
3. Staying up all hours of the night and coming INTO the club at 5 am.
4. Getting bread for dinner(baguette) but you DON¨T eat it until your food comes, and you don´t tell the American girls so they look like fools instead as they furious stuff their faces because they´re hungry, it´s sitting in front of them, and it´s SO good.
5. WEARING TAN TIGHTS!!!!! (sometimes they´re even shiney like malibu barbie)
6. Eating hot chocolate and cookies for breakfast
7. Techno-izing EVERY single song you can imagine, including What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts.
8. Driving like a mad man which includes stopping in the middle of the road, almost hitting the car in front of you every time you stop, and quadrupling the speed limit.
9. Watching policeman drinking with the kids
10. All ages smoking and drinking everywhere and all day
11. Having your dinner ordered for you at a mexican restaurant that doesn´t even have beans or rice in attempt to help the vegetarian.
12. Getting a banana for dessert when you thought you ordered ice cream
13. Having full on squid with the tentacles and all and a sea shell in your rice. (a typical Spanish dish)
14. Being serenaded from the street below during Spanish class
15. Being given a coat from a boy because it´s cold outside and then having it taken back because he´s walking to his car, being offered another coat because the first was taken and having that taken back because he got cold. ja ja ja ja

And here are some funny sayings that we´ve heard as they attempt to speak English.
-¨Freaky people¨ (rolling the r and saying it in one syllable)
-¨Bedy, bedy well¨ (translation: very good)
-¨I love you with all of my potatoe¨ (they think the heart looks like a potatoe? go figure)
- ¨No carne!!!!!!!!!¨ (in the deep accent of a crazy Spaniard)

Well these are just a few of the many things that Britt and I have experienced here. I´m sure it´s a bit more entertaining for us (we´re laughing our heads off, probably because it´s way too late as well, the whole time) but enjoy what you may. and we´ll add to the list of things as they deserve it. Peace out homie!

Pictures to illustrate coming soon


Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

Please post a picture of the poop pants I am very curious

Karissa & Mik said...

hello i found your blog! im excited to watch your life in spain! and keep in touch!