Thursday, October 23, 2008

The boys are here!

Just had to let all of my loved ones at home know that Missy's twin boys are here! I don't know many details but they were born on October 22nd and they're healthy and so stinkin cute. Their names are Mason and Calahan (Cal for short and I hope I spelled it right!) They are so adorable! Here are a few pictures I stole from facebook! Enjoy!


kerali said...

her babies are so so so so adorable!!!!

Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

Love them!! I have never seen twins look that good at birth they are beautiful!

cortnieb said...

Oh my gosh Brienne those are the cutest twins Ive ever seen!! Seriously they look sooo cute for newborns!! usually newborns can look a little alienish and those boys are gorg!! Seeing that though makes me really anxious to have my baby!! probs only 2 more weeks!!!