Monday, October 20, 2008


Well I have found the location for my bridals and engagements(whenever that may come along haha ;) .) but wow!!That pretty much sums up my thoughts on Segovia. Britt and I had an awesome time!! We had our usual local tour guides (Rogelio and Diego) with us which is always fun and informational. They got bored of the sights pretty quickly so there are a lot of pictures without Britt and I in them. Anyway, while in Segovia we were able to see the Roman Aqueduct, Catedral de Segovia, and Alcazar. The Roman Aqueduct blows my mind away! It's so crazy that they were able to build that 2,000 years ago! No machines or anything! And they were SO smart! There isn't any cement or mortar holding the blocks of rock together. It's all just held together by the design! And then the angle of the ditch on top that brought the water had to be just right so the water would keep a steady flow. WOW!!!! Catedral de Segovia is one of the biggest in Spain. It was HUGE!!! As you can see from the pictures, it's gorgeous!!! I couldn't get over it! The architecture is amazing. I love it! We were able to tour through the inside and there's definitely a different feel inside. It's pretty depressing, especially because they don't know how much more there is beyond focusing on Christ Crusifixion. Someday they'll know.... In one room there was a man actually playing one of the organs with HUGE pipes and it was so eerie. Britt, you would have loved it. haha But my friend Roge kindly reminded me how much culture there is behind...which is very true. Next we went to Alcazar. It's a beautiful castle on a hill. It was amazing! Britt and I loved this part the most. It's amazing to think that people, well royalty, really lived in there once upon a time. It was so fun to see actual armor and artillary inside. And outside there is a real life moat!!! It was all just fairly tales in my mind until it all just came true in Spain visiting the first castle i've ever been to. Lastly, we ate at this very nice and costly retaurant. Segovia is known for their amazing pork here that's called Conchinilla. They're also known for their "beans" which is much different than their beans at home. ha oh my. So Britt and I were both pretty excited to eat. And like always we had much difficulty reading the menu so like usual the boys just got sick of us asking questions and explaining so they just ordered for us. Well little did we know what was in store for us. My meal was acutally quite tastey but oh gosh! There were huge chunks of sausage and raw pork in it!! I did my best to eat around it and all the little bits of meat surrounding my precious "beans" (it's a soup like meal with very large kidney looking beans that are white.) Britt's and the two boys meals were...well they had full on pigs served onto their plates. The boys were each given a leg and Britt had the body with an ear attached. haha oh britt's face was priceless. She just looked at me and said, "Brie I dont' know if i can do this!" The skin and bones and tendons and organs and everything were all there. Britt was freaked out by it and the boys were beside themselves. They tried to explain that it's the same as if eating it already cut out of the body. and even ate the ear, THE EAR!!!! to try to convince her. It didn't do much good. haha oh we love spain!!
(Excuse my wild/frizzball/does whatever it wants hair. I´ve given up on trying to tame it here)


Karissa & Mik said...

how fun! im so jealous! i love all the pics so keep them coming! ok i laughed so hard when you said that about your hair because mine would be the exact same disaster! haha no but it looks good! im glad you still think of me in your dreams!

Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

Go Diego Go. Is it just me or does anybody else think about that. I am pretty sure I would have a hard time taking him serious. Does he know there is a cartoon here nemed that? Anyways can you say amazing!!! What a beautiful place.