Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Old peeps.....gotta love em

So there are A LOT of old people here! haha well okay they are everywhere but they come out in public here! They are on my bus, on the metro, walking in the Sol, everywhere! And boy do I love them. They amaze me with the proof of their strength by standing and holding on to metal bars on a bus with a crazy driver, their complete lack of insecurity, and so many other things! I know this is a weird subject/post but Britt and I were dicussing it today and I thought I had to post. The funniest thing happened to Britt and I the other day.

Britt and I had gone to Temple Square to mosey around and were walking back on our way to the metro. This old man with a cane stops us and starts speaking Spanish to us, of course. We replied with a confused look on our faces, "Nosotros hablamos un poco espanol." He didn't care one little bit! He just kept on talking to us and if we understood. The one thing we did understand was, "muy guapa!"(very beautiful) which he kept repeating over and over! haha He was so cute! The next thing I know he is giving us a piece of candy and kissing us on our cheeks like they always do here. We told him we were going to the metro but he ignored that and linked arms with Brittney, as he is still speaking spanish, and began walking with us. Very slowly mind you. So we were patient with this cute old man and let him talk for a while longer, pretending somewhat to understand. Well time was running low and we needed to get home to teach so we tried to say bye. but no no! He wouldn't let us! haha it was so funny. He kept a hold of my hand and Britt's arm. Finally we took a picture with him and then inched our way to the stairs that thankfully he couldn't go down. Britt and I just were laughing forever. Cute little old man.

One other incident with the sweetest old people ever! We went to the Molina's parents flat for dinner on Sunday. They were the cutest little, literally very little, couple! Neither of them can speak any English but the grandma kept saying, "Muy Bonita" and "muy muy guapa." And her besos (kisses on either side of each cheek) were real kisses!! haha it was the sweetest thing! They made us a delicious meal of a potatoe and fish souplike dish, tortilla espanola, bread, and melon of course. It was delicious. They were so sweet and so short and so happy. Old people here make me happy!

Everybody has dogs here! I wanted to take this one home with me! SO stinkin cute!!!!

We went bowling again! I didn't have the best game but then I figured it out right at the end when I got a TURKEY!!! Too bad it was the 10th frame!


Sierra & Ryan said...

I love old people! Ha ha! And Brie 147!?! Not a good game?! SHHH!

Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

That old man is so cute. The dog on the other hand that is the freakin ugliest dog ever. Actually our dog Rosco was uglier but that doesn't say much. How can you think that lion/dog is cute?